Saturday, 9 February 2013

Travels with turner

   Having had a busy few weeks lately, I thought it was about time to update you with my recent activities. I have recently got some new kit which was very exciting. Deciding it was time to get some professional gear I have invested in a new camera body, a Nikon D800, a couple more lenses and accessories including a new 10 stop filter; the Lee Big Stopper, I can't wait to produce more long exposures.

I have also been working on a new web site where I'll be able to sell and show more work I've been doing, so watch this space.

I have some work on show at Huyton Gallery as part of the J.M.W Turner exhibition were I have been  commissioned, by Knowsley Leisure & Culture Service, to produce images in the style of the artist but with a contemporary setting. The exhibit shows some of Turners prints, on loan from Manchester Metropolitan University. The exhibition will move to Kirby later on in the year, and I will have more of my of my own work added to the collection. For more details click here.

Turner leaflet front.jpg

I still have lots to so 'til next time........

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